Opens Windows For Young Minds, Grades 1 & 2, Engages Their Natural Curiosity In The World Around Them In Ways That Are Fun, Humorous And Challenging. A Unique Combination Of Stories, Articles, Poems, Games, Activities And Beautiful Illustrations.

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Unlimited Learning

If you want to help your young child learn the skills they'll need throughout their education and to develop a love of learning as you do it, you really need a steady supply of new issues of Click magazine at hand to help. Through the ages of three to six, Click will teach them how to learn and give them a head start on many major questions they'll deal with not just in schools but throughout their life. Discount magazine subscriptions to Click can be recommended for any parent for just this reason.

Learning About The World

In every issue there are articles written to the level of your child which will teach him or her about nature, sciences, animals, and art, designed to teach them enough to be interested in finding out more as they grow up. Because they pick out the oddest things most likely to interest a child, a lot of what they choose is unusual - so yes, there's a good chance you'll learn something new with each issue yourself, as well as a lot of facts you'll be able to share with your child and bond together over.

Play And Explore

But of course that's not all; at that age, many children learn better from things they do than from thins they read, and so Click also includes activity suggestions that your family can work on together; crafts, recipes, even minor science experiments, as well as recommendations for other books that will help the development of your child and their bond to you.

Meet The Characters

Click introduces the readers to a regular cast of characters - Click the mouse himself, Martin, Amy, and Yo, his human friends, and even Beatrice the bear, all of whom will give your boy or girl a way to see themselves close to each feature and to engage them more closely.

Discount magazine subscriptions to Click are readily available, and you only need to see how many people ensure repeat subscriptions to know how good the value is. Do you really feel you can miss out?