Collectible Automobile

Brings Automobile History To Life

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Hollywood Hot Rods gets to Time Travel

The classic automobiles of the thirties on through to the eighties are never better covered than in the pages of Collectible Automobile. Learn the history of the men and companies who designed and built these beautiful vehicles and become more familiar with the vehicles themselves with every issue. You'll be fascinated by compelling life stories like that of R.E. Olds, who gave the world two car companies both named after himself in different ways and lost both firms after making them successes.

Stories like this and many others are shared with the magazine's readers every issue. It's no wonder that people chase after discount magazine subscriptions rather than miss out on a single one.


Collectible Automobile magazine proudly holds a number of awards it's earned over the years. Twice they've won the International Automotive Media Awards' prestigious 'Best of Divisions', and they're also the three-time winners of the Richard and Grace Brigham award, given by the Society of Automotive Historians.

When a magazine earns that kind of steady recognition, there's only one way to handle that; you have to recognize that the standard all-round is strong, very strong. While individual issues and individual article series have also earned awards on a very regular basis, this is not a magazine to pick up intermittently as you could miss some great work. There's a reason that so many fans of classic vehicles make sure they always have the magazine on subscription.


Another key aspect of the magazine's appeal is visual. Who doesn't love the way a classic hot rod looks on the road? Or the sleek, powerful design of an old school muscle car? High-detail photographs shot by a professional cameraman who knows and understands the passion of the classic car aficionado would be enough to make Collectible Automobile a must on its own, even before you consider the expertise that goes into the articles.

To augment your own knowledge, or help with your collection, or even simply just to get closer to those beautiful machines, it's time to start reading Collectible Automobile. Why not look around for discount magazine subscriptions and take the plunge?