Combat Handguns

Provides The Newest Equipment, Shooting Techniques And Essential Information For Self-defense/personal Protection In Each And Every Issue.

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6 (prison restricted)

Safety First!

The go-to bible for all handgun enthusiasts, Combat Handgun magazine offers a wealth of information regarding models, reviews, articles, safety and gear. Designed very much with the responsible gun owner in mind, the magazine also offers essential practical advice on how to use your handgun in any situation - be it targets down the range, light hunting or personal defense.  

Handgun News

As a regular periodical Combat Handguns strives to report the most important and interesting news stories all about guns. This ranges from articles about the ever growing popularity of handguns down at the range, to initiatives - be they local, state, or national - concerning the practical use of these weapons. Recent examples include interesting features on courses designed specifically for teachers and storeowners, all the way through to pieces of safety and legal matters. It's an action packed read and stimulating for gun-fans of all levels of experience and knowledge.

The Guns & The Gear

Should anyone have a question about anything related to handguns, this has to be the place. Every issue contains thorough reviews on the new handguns being released on the market, making fair and unbiased conclusions each and every time. There's sections on the vast array of accessories that are released so often for handguns, for example - ammo, sights, optics, holsters and safes. As mentioned above Combat Handgun places strong importance upon safety and responsible use - and that go's to the consumer too. If a holster is stiff and causes a slow draw - CH will make sure you know about. Likewise are sights reliable during use, or do they have a habit of fogging or loosening up? This is the place to find out such answers, and many more!

Personal Defense

Of course there's little point in owning a handgun unless you are confident and capable of being able to use it correctly. Combat Handgun is an excellent resource for articles concerning techniques and training so that you can be sure of knowing what you're doing in any situation. These tutorials are supplemented by features of 'real world' examples where handguns have come to the rescue in some often quite harrowing circumstances. For example,ever wondered what to do in a home invasion, hold up or personal assault? Learn about what it was like for those who've been there, and know what do should the worst case scenario strike.With regular sections on issues such as how to keep a weapon at home, what family members ought to know about the domestic gun, and much more - Combat Handgun is a true cover-to-cover publication.

With a discount subscription available today, this truly is a must read publication for anyone interested in the fascinating world of combat handguns.