Country Extra

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Country Extra offers a look at rural America through the eyes of their readers. Each issue contains stunning photos from around the country, and offers a look at the beauty of open and undeveloped areas. It also includes travel tips, articles and stories, recipes, photos, and information for readers who live in the country, or who are considering a quiet vacation.

Passionate readers are integral to County Extra, as much of the content in Country Extra is reader generated. Readers are encouraged to submit their own stunning photos of America's open county, and to share their personal experiences living and traveling outside the city. These heartwarming stories also include memories of growing up in rural areas, and readers will often submit old photographs of their country childhoods. Country Extra also hosts a number of photo contests that capture the awe-inspiring views of remote locations, and frequently includes reviews of family-run B&Bs, inns, and restaurants.

Regular features of Country Extra include "Travel," which highlights gorgeous destinations across the country, and "This Place Matters," which focuses on important historical buildings and locations that should be preserved. "America the Beautiful" showcases some of the most gorgeous views in the country, from the open skies in Montana to the rocky coasts of Maine. "God's Country" offers a look at a specific natural wonder such as a valley or mountain. Country Extra also includes features like recipes, jokes, animal stories, and contests to keep readers entertained.