Cruising World(sailboaters)

Addresses The Dedicated Sailor With A Keen Interest In Exploring The World's Coastlines & Oceans While Cruising Under Sail.

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Sailing to Paradise

The open sea and the wide ocean have always had a deep appeal to humanity, and cruising along the coast, watching majestic scenery roll past, is really every bit as good. It's no wonder that for over a century now the sailboat afloat on the wave has been one of the most desirable of vacation trips, and it's no wonder at all that a magazine for those interested in this wonderful way to travel has been created.

But Cruising World isn't just a magazine on the topic; discount magazine subscriptions for it are hotly sought after, because it's an enjoyable read that educates and informs the traveler ahead of time. Cruising World can save you money and steer you away from the bad, leaving you more time and opportunity to enjoy the good.

Gearing Up Your Sailboat

Where in the world you intend to sail, how fast and how far, are all factors in determining the ideal sailboat for you, but unlike the others - how many want to travel, general price bracket, et cetera - they're hard to estimate without specialist knowledge.

Rather than develop that know-how through trial and error, the better solution is through the intelligent articles and detailed reviews in Cruising World, covering not just the boat itself but rigging, sails, electronic equipment, and keeping your knowledge up to date. As you add to your collection, your storehouse of knowledge will grow and your sailboat won't just be better equipped - you'll know how and why what you've chosen is better.

How To Sail

The magazine's how-to section might be dismissed by some as being nothing but tips for beginners, but don't fool yourself; there's always more to learn, even for the most seasoned of sailors. And there are few equals to Cruising World in giving you that extra information and preparing you to make sail.

Discount magazine subscriptions are always a good way to build up a library of knowledge on what they cover. When they cover things as important as sailing tips and help you with the cost of equipping your sailboat, they're even more valuable than you'd usually think. Subscribe today and you'll never have to worry over it again.