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Great Treasures

For all the latest finds and discoveries in the world of archaeology be sure to subscribe to Current World Archaeology magazine. Packed with fascinating features, tips on traveling to some of the world's most intriguing archaeological sites, and latest recommendations for your reading, this absorbing periodical is the perfect way for archaeology enthusiasts to stay abreast of all that's happening in the field.


When you subscribe to Current World Archaeology magazine, you have access to some truly fascinating features detailing all the latest finds and discoveries taking place in the world of archaeology. Professionally written by experts in the field, the written word is complimented by stunning visuals and graphics that will really make this intriguing subject all the more enjoyable for all you history buffs.


There can be nothing better for archaeology enthusiasts than to travel to and visit sites of interest and get up close to historical places you may have only read about. Current World Archaeology provides all the tips and suggestions you'll need when considering traveling to some of the world's best known and not so well known places of archaeological interest. If you've thought about traveling to World Heritage Sites, then all the information you could possibly need lies in the pages of Current World Archaeology magazine.


Each issue also comes with insightful book reviews to direct you to the best reading material in the field of archaeology. No matter which area of archaeology interests you, whether it is how societies lived in ancient times or learning about human remains, there are books out there that specialize in your chosen field, and with the recommendations made in Current World Archaeology you can be sure you'll be directed to the best reading material that will enhance your knowledge of this fascinating subject.

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