Dance Spirit

Covers All Aspects Of The Dance World, From Ballet To Hip-hop, Jazz & Funk.

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Put on those Dancing Shoes!

Dance Spirit magazine is the premier magazine of the dancing world. Each issue is filled with features on the latest dancing news, tutorials that will help with those hard to master skills, heath and fitness information, and even the latest and greatest styles in health and beauty. 

News of the Dancing World

From exclusive interviews with dancers from the leading dance companies to articles about various dance schools and programs, Dance Spirit provides an in-depth look into all aspects of the dance world. Read articles about your favorite dancers, the best dance books, and the latest films and television shows featuring dancers.

How-To Articles

For that extra help you need nailing that difficult move, we have experts that create easy-to-follow tutorials to give you the edge you need to master the steps. We cover all types of dance, from ballet and tap to hip-hop and musical theater. We have the information you need for whatever style of dance you are studying.

Health and Fashion

All dancers need a strong body and mind as well as a strong stage presence. In the dance world, being a good dancer is just not enough. Dancers need to be able to look the part that they are dancing, as well as master the steps. Dancers must also create a strong and healthy body to stay competitive and master the moves required for various dances. We feature articles with the latest information to help you create a healthy and strong body with tips on exercise and nutrition from experts in the field. Fashion plays a big part in the dance world and Dance Spirit has the latest trends as well as the styles that last for generations. Make-up and beauty tips will help improve stage presence to ensure you are noticed, no matter how many great dancers are on stage with you. Every issue of this publication provides readers with new and varied information that will propel your career to the next level. 

Order a discount subscription to Dance Spirit magazine today and become a better, stronger dancer tomorrow!