Disney Junior

Each Issue Is Designed For The Preschooler. Filled With Activities, Coloring Pages, Fun Games And Cutouts All Centered Around The Characters Featured In Disney Junior Channel For Ages 3-5.

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Timeless Laughter... Ageless Imagination... Forever Dream...

Disney Junior magazines are a reasonably priced periodical that is aimed at preschoolers. The magazine is full of fun activities that will keep even the most restless child entertained for hours. It also contains stories that intended to be read aloud to the child fostering a love of reading. Today we have good news for parents. Disney magazine can now be had at a discounted price giving you an even greater value. Order a subscription today and give your child a gift that will last.

What Kind of Activities Can I Expect?

You will find games and puzzles that have been specially designed for your child's developmental stage. Each issue has a wide variety of activities to both entertain and teaches children. They will love trying activities that are related to their favorite Disney Characters from Peter of Neverland or The Princesses. You and your child can enjoy these activities together. There is something for every child in your subscription.

Bring The Magic Of Disney To Your Child

You already know that your little one loves the Disney Junior Channel, and now they can add stories about their favorite characters. The magic of Disney is brought to your home in each issue. Your child will also love the illustrations included with every story. As a parent, you love fostering a life-long love of books. It's one of the greatest gifts you can give to your child. Your little one will look forward to sharing wonderful stories that are to found in every issue, with you.

Creative Crafts That Will Foster Creativity In Your Child

In addition to games and puzzles all issues of Disney Junior, you will find both creative crafts and simple recipes aimed at your child's stage of development. Preschoolers tend to be very creative, and each issue will give your child an opportunity to express their creativity. They will love having their work displayed on the refrigerator or in their own rooms. The recipes included will also help your child to express themselves. For you the recipes are not only simple but healthy and will encourage a dialogue between you and your little one about eating healthy.

Order your child's subscription to fun and magical activities. Order today and get a discounted subscription to Disney Junior Magazine.