Disney Princess

The Fairy Tale Magazine For Little Princesses Is Full Of Magical Activities, Games And Enchanting Stories. For Girls 3-6.

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Happy Ever After

Disney's first Princess, Snow White, debuted in 1937 and the growing ranks of the group have been delighting children of all ages ever since. The first film to feature a princess won an Oscar (and seven tiny ones, one for each dwarf) so it's no wonder that Disney Princess magazine has become so popular as the years have gone by. And it's one of countless you or your daughter can have delivered to your door with discount magazine subscriptions.


We all fell in love with Ariel, Aurora, and the rest first through the films in which they starred (and, in many cases, the cartoon series that followed) so it's no wonder that the magazine features many more of their adventures. Whether Belle, Pocahontas, Mulan or Tiana is your daughter's favorite, they'll find many spellbinding tales to help them lose themselves in Disney's magical world every month.

Once the new issue of Disney Princess arrives every month, your daughter will race to win it from the pile of discount magazine subscriptions!

Fun and Games

With a pull-out poster every month as well as word searches, mazes, coloring in pages, and many more, there's plenty here to educate and illuminate her as she catches up on the latest goings-on around Cinderella, Merida, and Jasmine. It's a bonding experience waiting to happen for you and your daughter as the family gathers around the kitchen table, pens and crayons in hand, to work through them. Let Disney Princess magazine bring you and your child closer together.


Even better, the magazine comes filled to the brim with ideas for things to make and snack recipes so your daughter can start picking up life skills from the off, with a new avenue to encourage her creativity. With new ideas every month, she'll swiftly build up a library of recipes and other skills to make her happy and ensure that whatever challenges life sets in future, she can face them the same way Disney Princesses like Mulan are known for.

And all delivered to your door every month, when you arrange to add it to your discount magazine subscriptions.