Ellery Queens Mystery

Top-notch Stories Written By The World's Leading Crime And Mystery Suspense Writers.

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Finding the Missing Piece of Ellery Queen's Mystery

One of the longest-running fiction magazines still going, Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine has been in circulation since 1941 and it's a testament to the consistent quality of every issue that there are collectors out there who have gathered together and continue to maintain a complete run.

Picking up the back issues you're missing isn't easy, but keeping up with new releases has never been simpler. Most collectors take advantage of discount magazine subscriptions so that they're guaranteed to never miss an issue.

Across The Spectrum Of Crime

Ellery Queen was famous for his 'Hundred Page Challenge' - in many of his novels, a hundred pages in, you would be told 'I have now given you all the information I needed to solve the mystery. Can you do it?' This challenge and those novels were aimed at teens, and as such were lighthearted fare by comparison to many modern crime thrillers. Fortunately, EQMM, as the magazine is known, caters to fans of all flavors of crime, from the light and even humorous to the grisly and gothic, even in some cases the supernatural. And fans of police procedurals like Ed McBain's 87th Precinct novels of the Columbo TV series will be happy, too.

Tales From The Greats

The number of writers eager to showcase their short stories in the magazine would be stunningly vast if you didn't remember that most of these crime writers turned to that way of life, in part, inspired by Ellery. Even such luminaries in other fields as Stephen King and television's John Rogers took a lot of their cues, growing up, from Ellery Queen.

EQMM, however, has developed a reputation for quality which allows it an unusual but effective way to sustain that rep; it can afford to take submissions only from those authors who have proven themselves. As such, the time-honored formula of the crime short story sees all manner of new twists in these pages.

What this means is that while you can count on any given issue to satisfy your craving for crime, it's still possible to miss out on something new by your favorite thriller writer, and you probably won't get another chance until they finally get around to another once-a-decade anthology.

Those discount magazine subscriptions mentioned earlier are sounding awfully tempting all of a sudden, aren't they?