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Each Issue Is Jam-packed With The Information You Need To Stay On Top Of The Ever Changing World Of Whitetail Hunting.
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Catch Your Breath

Whitetail Journal has something to offer you whatever your level of proficiency and experience in the world of hunting. Every issue reviews guns, bows, and other equipment and tells stories from the field, as well as looking at other aspects of the hunter's lifestyle. As with many other periodicals, discount magazine subscriptions can be found with ease, so giving the magazine a try is simple.

Guns and Gear

Reviews and other examinations of all the hunters' tools feature regularly, covering everything from the best-known, favorite brands to the obscure little items you likely wouldn't even hear about without this magazine. Whether you prefer a gun or a bow, waiting in a blind or moving through the woods, and whatever your ideal quarry, there'll be something in any given issue to interest, and probably a new product you'll be tempted to try, too. But why risk missing out when you could ensure delivery to your door with discount magazine subscriptions?

Current Events

Are you one of the majority of hunters who stop by other states for their hunting seasons from time to time? Keeping up to date on their licenses, permits, and what's in season when is vital to an effort like that, but if you've always got the newest issue of Whitetail Journal to hand - easy enough if you take advantage of discount magazine subscriptions, as many do these days - it's all done for you, well ahead of time, and you'll also learn plenty more about your fellow hunters' take on issues that matter to you.

With increasing proportions of the hunters out there being female, what does that mean for the hobby - and what does it mean for you? The experts at Whitetail have already mulled this one over, and their answers are sure to interest you.

Tips Tailored To Your Game

We all know that different techniques, arrows, shot, and baits are used when hunting different animals, but did you know how much the nature of the land around you affects that, too? Do you have the time to test all the different lures for your chosen quarry yourself and find which works best for you? Or would you rather the experts handle that, setting you free to hone your skills in the field?

Don't forget that some of the experts are readers, not journalists, and that's where the Whitetail Journal Readers' Choice Awards come in, giving you the chance to have your say on a national scale, and to learn from countless others like yourself.

There's so much to learn in any issue you'll never want to miss another.