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Fishing Magazines

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Fishing Tackled!

If you are lured to fishing, then you will want to hook some of the finest and well written fishing magazines available. At, your wish comes true as there is a wide array of world class fishing magazines to choose from. 

For those who love fishing for Bass, the bi-monthly Bassin magazine is without doubt the most authoritative how to guide for bass fishing. Whether you are just looking for valuable information on tips about improving your fishing skills or an expert angler, the magazine does have lots of top-notch instructional pieces written by professionals. The magazine provides readers with incisive equipment and rod reviews as well as vacation and travel guide tips. Published by American Angler Publications Inc, this is a must have publication for bass fishing lovers. 

Another interesting magazine that’s ideal for bass fishing enthusiasts is the Bassmaster magazine. This magazine is published by the renowned Bass Anglers Sportsman Society and is dedicated to the popular sport of bass fishing. It publishes bass fishing advice and tips, well researched features on professional anglers and in depth coverage of Bassmaster tournaments such as the Elite Series and the Bassmaster Classic. Readers are also treated to gear reviews which are written by experts with years of experience in their specific domains.

Fishing Facts magazine has lots of great features that any fisherman would love to know about and put into practice. The magazine is full of important tips that help improve one’s skills. Each issue is packed with entertaining and helpful gems of information about fishing. The magazine also includes many reader-submitted tips which ensure that the reader not only gets an insightful read but also the opportunity of learning from the experiences of other fishing enthusiasts. It also provides readers with reviews on different fishing gear such as boats, reels, rods, lures and reels. 

If you are keen on knowing all there is about fishing in Florida, from the rarest species to the most common fish and anything in between, then your one stop publication should be The Florida Sports Fishing magazine. This is a bi-monthly magazine which can only be described as the go-to journal for any avid angler; it has everything a fisherman needs to ensure an unforgettable fishing experience in Florida, the sunshine state. There are great articles on each issue about fishing areas, boating insights, how to repair and service your vessel and lots of articles about the requisite safety measures you should take into consideration before embarking on a fishing trip. The reviews on the various types of accessories, electronics, tackle, etc are quite informative to say the least. 

If you are into international fishing as a sport then Marlin magazine will not disappoint you. It is the leading magazine of convertible sport fishing boats, covering in great detail the enjoyable sport of international offshore or deep sea fishing. The magazine provides readers with lots of detailed information about international fishing destinations, equipment and boat reviews, tournament reports and well researched profiles of known boat designers, captains, sport fishermen etc.

It is a fact that fishing as a sport has grown in leaps and bounds over the past years; this has seen the introduction of some specialist magazines such as the Sport Fishing magazine. This magazine solely focuses on saltwater fishing; it is the magazine for passionate anglers who are keen on having cutting edge information on the latest fishing techniques, the newest gadgets or equipments and the hottest locations to go fishing. The magazine has reviews on engines and boats, hands on techniques for improving offshore and inshore fishing technique and validated reports on the marine life in salty waters. There is something for everyone at