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History Remains

American Archaeology magazine was originally published in 1948 and it has not strayed from its original format of producing articles that are exciting and filled with the mysteries of archaeology throughout the world. American Archaeology magazine showcases many of the finest writers and photographers in a beautifully designed, highly tailored historical publication.

Its publication features ancient mysteries, past civilizations, and many new discoveries. Archaeology Magazine is one of two publications of the Archaeological Institute of America, which is a 125 year old non-profit organization. This amazing magazine has been publishing without interruption in a format that gives readers feature-length articles that covers nearly every corner of the world. There are many different topics discussed in each issue of Archaeology magazine. It doesn't matter what your specific interest in the archaeology field is, you can find many articles that you will simply enjoy reading about.

Archaeology Magazine articles have covered many varied topics, such as royal mummies, both human and animals; the discovery of an ancient Greek city that was covered over by the sea; Native Americans of the Southwest that profited from an 11th century volcanic eruption; 2nd century Maryport Roman Temples; and real objects discovered in an excavation that were featured in a Hieronymus Bosch painting of his hometown. Other article contributions included photo essays on the famous terra-cotta soldiers of China; Etruscan tombs; and profiles of men and women who have made major contributions to the field of archaeology.

Archaeology Magazine is a bimonthly publication that never fails to give readers amazing adventures, extraordinary discoveries, cultures past and present, additional adages to the world's history, and exciting world travels. The magazine keeps readers up to day on new finds in the archaeological field, such as trousers that were discovered in western China that are over 1,000 years old; continued discovery of the remains of the Maya civilization in the rain forests of Campeche, Mexico; and for fashion minded readers, the discovery of ancient Egyptian hair extensions that date back to 3,300 years ago. The question is, were the extensions a property of a man or a woman.

Each issue of Archaeology Magazine contains unique features on important discoveries that are continually being made from all over the globe. A subscription to this fun and amazing magazine would make a great gift for anyone who enjoys the field of archaeology. Through discount magazine subscriptions, more people can get to know about world history with modern day excavations, even sometimes a person's own backyard. In addition to learning more about current news and great topics, readers will also learn about different places that you can personally travel to see dig sites. There is information about both domestic and international travel such as Texas sites or those in Honduras. You can also learn of tours, educational opportunities, and exciting events that you can attend.

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