Britain's Best-selling History Magazine. Each Issue Provides Accessible And Informative Features From Leading Academic Historians. Covering Extensive Range Periods, Uncovers History, Britain And Worldwide, From Prehistory To 20thcentury.

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A Glimpse from the Past

BBC History magazine is an excellent publication for those who being educated about historical figures and events. Every issue is packed with features concerning a side variety of historical subjects, news stories regarding recent archaeological and history-related discoveries in addition to history oriented reviews of movies and books.

Interesting Historical Subjects

When you receive each issue of BBC History magazine, you'll have an amazing opportunity to read about a wide variety of intriguing subjects related to history. If you enjoy informative articles that educate you about history and its notable figures and highlights, you'll be titillated by BBC History's magazine articles and features. Learning about different history from Ancient Greece and Egypt to the Edwardian and Victorian history periods, as well as topics such as military history provides something of intrigue for any history enthusiast in each magazine issue.

History-Related News

Not only can you read about history in BBC History magazine, but you can also read about future history-making news. BBC History magazine features regular articles, such as, "History in the Headlines", which illustrates how our history is still influencing contemporary times and will continue to affect the future in addition to modern discoveries. Informative and engaging articles regarding contemporary discoveries are covered in this valuable publication, which are based on new archaeological and historical sites that have recently surfaced, mummy autopsies, recently discovered documents, and a multitude of other enriching topics.

History Book & Movie Reviews

You'll continue to find new resources of value in every issue for continued learning enjoyment even subsequent to reading the latest month's periodical when you take advantage of BBC History magazine's reviews that shed light on where to locate other publications, books, and movies of interest that will provide you with further enjoyment. Reading this magazine's reviews on a myriad of historically based books and movies will let you know which which books and movies you'll likely find enlightening.

To start learning about exciting historical personalities, events, and civilization, take this opportunity to order your BBC History discount subscription to begin your amazing monthly history lesson!