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Each Issue Is Filled With Beading Techniques And Inspiration. You Will Find New Projects, Patterns And More To Fill Your Beading Hours.

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Fashion with a Bling!

Bead and button is a fashion magazine that specializes in beads and jewelry making. The main goal of the magazine is to inform and educate the target audience by providing instructions and techniques for bead making. The magazine is produced six times a year with various types of bead and jewelry making instructions. The magazine embraces originality and innovation, which is suitable for those who love bead weaving, stringing, jewelry making, wirework, polymer clay, and bead crotchet. 

The magazine specializes in providing detailed information inform of instructions for creative beading, jewelry making and art. You should know that these bead and jewelry making instructions as well as techniques do not require any special skills to understand. This is because the instructions are usually written in a simple way that will favor every skill level. In addition, the bead and button magazine ensure that the information they provide embrace diversity in styles and techniques. Also, the magazine ensures that the information provided is reliable especially the materials so as to eliminate any risk of losses by the end user. The type of jewelry and bead made include necklaces, earrings, seed beads, bracelets, ornaments, crystals, bead weaving, artist beads, peyote, and more.

Further, the magazine has internet platforms where it offers additional online resources such as additional bead work patterns, videos, how-to information, galleries, reader forums, exclusive features, and other relevant projects. Also, the magazine has a blog where the online users are informed on a variety of projects for bead and jewels. Still, the magazine produces an online newsletter that provides the online users with pattern, new jewelry-making products, and projects. There is also a magazine discount subscription to the online subscribers.

In summary, the bead and button magazine is committed to customer satisfaction through being educative and informative. The magazine purposes to boost the target audience lives by providing information that will help them learn, grow and excel in bead and jewelry making projects. This is because it offers you a platform to expand your bead and jewelry making knowledge bank. Remember that you do not require attending any classes because the information provided on the magazine is detailed enough to help you make your own unique jewelry. As such, you can buy or subscribe online and start expanding your business or even fulfilling your dream. Remember that there is the magazine discount subscription offer for online users. Therefore, if you prefer reading the e-magazine the subscription offer will help you will access more additional information.