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Don't Play with Fire

Firefighters who want to stay informed about the different things that is happening within their industry should subscribe to Firehouse Magazine. This publication will let subscribers know about the latest news and trends related to firefighting. There will be useful articles about combating fires and information on the latest practices related to a fireman’s duties. Interesting topics on safety, health, technology and training are included within this publication as well.


Firefighters will receive an up to date information and news about different issues that affect their careers and their lives. Information will be available about courageous fire chiefs, new legislation, department closings and much more. The information will be relevant and useful. It will also help to explain what is happening in firehouses all over the nation.

Training, Safety and Health

Training and safety articles will be included to provide you with information that you can use out in the field. Firemen will learn about new safety procedures and technology. There is so many new and different kinds of technology that it is sometimes hard to keep up with it all. The writers at Fireman magazine will do their best to provide you with the latest information about firefighting technology. You will also be given vital information about maintaining their health which is an often overlooked area of firefighting. This publication has been created for every fireman regardless if they are regular firefighter or a local volunteer.

Prevention, Investigation and Technology

The latest information and techniques will not only be provided for preventing and combating fires; subscribers will also learn about the important new procedures for investigating them after they happen. You will learn about new and different ways that you can protect citizens, your fellow fighters and yourself from the dangers of fire and fire related crimes such as arson. This periodical will definitely keep you well informed. So, order your discount subscription of Fireman magazine today.