For Active Aviation Oriented Individuals Including Pilots, Aircraft Owners/buyers & People Who Make Frequent Use Of Aircraft.

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The Plane Just Got Arrived!

Flying magazine is a great source of information for pilots and those who aspire to fly. Each issue serves as a resource that is packed full of articles on avionics, aircraft, the training involved, gear needed and information on careers in avionics. Regardless of whether you are currently a professional pilot, retired pilot or flight hobby enthusiast, this periodical will provide you with hours of reading enjoyment and enlightenment every month. Start your discount subscription of Flying magazine today!

Information about aircraft

You'll find in-depth articles about aircraft and the parts that are used in crafting them. Learn more about how each part works with the other as well as new trends in design and capabilities of the aircraft. Exciting and interesting articles about home-builts, experimental aircraft, turboprops, pistons, helicopters, jets and many more topics. You'll also learn about making mods on aircraft, mechanics, owning an aircraft, and tips on proper maintenance. Whether you are a career pilot or enjoy flying as a hobby, you'll appreciate the variety of the topics and the quality of the information that is available for you to read. 

Gear and avionics

This publication not only tells you about aircraft, it also talks about the required gear needed for flying, and articles about avionics. Each issue gives detail about topics such as avionics categories such as OEM and retrofit. You'll also be able to read about different pilot supplies including handhelds, portables, instruments, and other interesting and helpful topics. 

Techniques, training and careers in aviation

You won't only read about aircraft, aviation and the gear you'll need for flying, the subscription you order to Flying magazine will also provide you with excellent information and tips that will help you to become the best possible pilot. Every issue contains articles that explore and discuss a wide variety of flying techniques, training that is available and careers in the field of aircraft and avionics. This quality publication will make it easier for you to learn how to fly, brush up on aircraft mechanics, improve your current flight skills and much more. 

Place your order for a discount subscription to Flying magazine today, to start becoming a better pilot.