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When Boredom Strikes

Sudoku. Crosswords. Word searches. Logic puzzles. Quizzes. Brainteasers of all varieties keep the mind limber. They're bought for young children to occupy and train their minds and given as gifts to those who can't get around much. And why? Because we lose ourselves in these interactive challenges more than in anything else, and as we spend that time in intellectual combat, we almost invariably emerge from that the better for it.

It's no wonder, then, that those who want to better themselves and have fun doing it often look for discount magazine subscriptions to Games magazine.

No More Boredom

It's easy to be distracted when reading an improving book, or even when listening to a lecture at a college. But a challenging puzzle engages you and keeps your attention until it's solved, and an issue of Games is carefully weighted to have enough to keep your mind occupied in its spare time until the next issue arrives.

Puzzles can also be attempted in short bursts, unlike other interactive forms like video games, and are ultra-portable and never require batteries or plug sockets to keep going. Puzzles are graded by difficulty, and the novice can steadily work up to the higher levels and feel a sense of accomplishment, while the expert continues to develop their skills and can challenge themselves by time.

However, these grades also work well for telling you which puzzle to have a go at while waiting in line, and which must be saved until you have a chance to mull them over with a cup of coffee and perhaps a cheese Danish.

Keep Your Mind Active

It's been shown repeatedly that the more you engage and challenge your mind, the better able it is to deal with the challenges we can't see coming. It's not just about getting the skills to solve these more quickly - an active mind directly translates into a greater success rate with other kinds of challenge entirely. It's no wonder that many programmers who want to stay at the top of their game have arranged discount magazine subscriptions and keep copies of Games around their cubicle.

This is your opportunity to learn from their example.