Gray's Sporting Journal

Gray's Sporting Journal Is A Hunting And Fishing Magazine For A "thinking" Audience.
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Gone Hunting?

When it comes to hunting there's not many publications that are well informed as Gray's Sporting Journal. Taking a nationwide approach to the art and technical aspects of all things hunting, it's a great read for those looking to keep up with what's going on in the 'bigger picture', while also sporting a large variety of technical guides too. There's focus features on the types and habits of various types of game, where best to find them and during which season. It's ideal for hunters who like to get on the road, and will provide superlative local knowledge and information in regards to lodges, amenities and licenses.

Hunting Properties

Looking for a property to lease or purchase that will have plenty of game right on your doorstep? Gray's Sporting Journal is one of the very best places to start, with lodges from across the nation. As is standard for Gray's the knowledge is genuinely expert, with contributors often adding a feature or photo-essay from lodges that they have personally stayed with. So for the informed outdoorsman, a discount subscription to Gray's Sporting Journal is an excellent place to begin.

Articles & Features

The guys at Gray's really are appreciative of the great outdoors and this is evident in the wide ranging topics and features that are carried within the magazine. Photography and poetry will likely feature, nestled comfortably among practical essays - often including pictorial guides - on bush craft and wildlife. That's a huge amount of material to enjoy within each edition of Gray's, and it's an excellent resource for hunters of any level of experience too.

Trip Planning & Practicalities

When embarking upon a hunting trip it pays to be prepared, and Gray's goes far and beyond in making sure that their readers are thoroughly briefed before hitting the road on their way to the lodge. Features often extend into detailed topographic and environmental examination, plus providing tactical advice on where best to set up when in pursuit of the game.

Anyone will learn a lot fromevery copy-so what're you waiting for? Order a discount subscription to Gray's Sporting Journal today!