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Each Issue Is Written For Serious Guitarists Who Want To Become Better, More Informed Players. Fiercely Dedicated To Stylistic Diversity In Its Coverage Of Music, Artists And Guitar Gear.

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The Healing Power of Music in the Hands of Heroes

Whether your chosen guitar is a slick electric model or a classic, hand-crafted acoustic model, whether you're a successful musician or just starting out - or even still dreaming of your chance to own one, there's plenty for you in Guitar Player magazine. Looking at new models of instrument, playing techniques, tuning tips, and the lives of those who make the guitar their living, there's plenty of insight into the whole craft of being a musician, and more than enough to fire your enthusiasm and drive you to improve your playing. This being the case, it's no surprise that discount magazine subscriptions are a common gift to the musicians in people's lives.


They say a poor workman blames his tools, but a good guitarist is made better by a great guitar - and the right picks for their hands, as well as the amps and the pedals if they've gone electric. Add in metronomes for practice, tuning equipment, home recording gear - all of it matters, and you want all of yours to be the best for you that's available in your price bracket.


Music reviews with a focus on the guitar are also a regular feature of the magazine, but Guitar Player will also add to your knowledge of the music industry, especially current happenings within it, and interviews with well-known guitar players are frequent and often bring much-needed insight into the world of the professional musician. Even if you never plan to pass beyond treating your music as a hobby, these insights can bring new verve and ideas to your playing, as well as helping you to understand the guitarists who've inspired you over the years.


Of course, the magazine isn't Guitar Aficionado; it's Guitar Player. It's not just about knowing the specs of the latest Fender or Gibson, it's also about bettering your own talent with your music. Every issue is jam-packed with tips, tricks, and longer articles covering aspects of the guitarist's craft, with something to learn no matter how skilled you already are. Sometimes just a new perspective is enough, opening up new styles, theories, and techniques.

Discount magazine subscriptions to Guitar Player make any guitarist's craft better and enrich their life, helping them get more from the music whether it be a hobby or a profession. It's just the sensible thing to do.