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America's Premiere Cross-stitch Magazine,
Serves Up Fun Cross-stitch Projects In All Shapes, Sizes And Skill Levels. Step-by-step Projections In Every Issue.

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Creativity Expressed!

For those individuals who like creating images from hand sewn stitches, Just Cross Stitch magazine is the ideal resource. You will enjoy discovering all the great patterns that each issue includes, which you can make for your friends, family, home, and you! For all skill levels, there are patterns, as well as a lot of techniques and tips to that you can improve your current skills in great measure. There are also useful product reviews in this magazine so that you invest wisely for your hobby. Order your discounted subscription of Just Cross Stitch magazine today!


You will find a broad selection of patterns in each issue of Just Cross Stitch magazine, which you will enjoy working with. All the important information that you require about a pattern is integrated with each one. You’ll know exactly what type of threading, needle, and sizing to use if required. You will enjoy many great designs that can be great projects to better the appearance of your home, as well as for special occasions.


Although in each issue of Just Cross Stitch magazine there are patterns for every skill level, there are also wonderful tutorials to aid you in improving your skills and techniques. In each issue, so that you can augment your knitting repertoire and projects can be more extensive, you can learn about new stitches. You’ll enjoy the challenge of learning something totally new, although with such wonderful tutorials, it won’t be much of a challenge!

Products Reviews

Just Cross Stitch magazine provides great reviews of different products in addition to the great tutorials and patterns that it provides. Every issue ensures that you attain all the information that you require about lotion bars that can keep your hands smooth, various types of threads, brands of needles, and other products that are useful to your hobby and you. Each time it arrives in the mail, you will like reading and utilizing this publication.

In order to attain tips and ideas for your next project, don’t hesitate in ordering your discounted subscription of Just Cross Stitch magazine today.