Kit Planes

Has Everything You Need To Plan, Build & Fly Your Own Plane.

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Nothing but Blue Skies

Kit Planes magazine is a publication that has been created exclusively for home building hobbyists who love to build and fly planes. This periodical has featured articles about the history of plane home building. There is also information on the latest trends, tips and support groups for plane builders. A section in each issue showcases the latest builds that hobbyists have completed. This is a part of the discount magazine subscriptions that is available for people who love home building activities.

Build your Knowledge to Build Your Plane

Kit Planes will help first time plane builders and and seasoned pros to start their next project. Valuable information about the latest technologies will be presented so that hobbyists can make their plane building activity easier to perform. Subscribers will also learn about the places where they can store and fly their planes. Having this knowledge will help hobbyists to enjoy their models without having to worry about when and where to use them.

Flight Models

With your discount subscription to Kit Planes, you will get an in depth look at all of the latest airplane models. For example, the SeaRey and LSX Amphibian are some of the most popular kit plane models on the market. You will learn how to put a larger size engine in your plane without having to sacrifice a light and dexterous air frame. Kit planes will showcase contemporary and retro planes with each issue and they will review model plane products as well. The reviews are designed to inform subscribers about their options for parts and products that they will need for home building.

Inspiring Features

Kit plane features stories about amazing home builders who are taking this hobby to the next level. Some hobbyist have even built four-seat planes and literally flown them across the Atlantic Ocean. These stories are designed to inspire subscribers so they can come up with their own unique home built creations. Hobbyists will presented to information about navigation systems that will help them to avoid dangerous situations and to fly their planes in a safe and responsible manner. So, no matter how long you have been tinkering with your home built hobby, you will love your discount subscription to Planes magazine.