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Targets Exactly How To Maximize One's Personal Computer To Optimum Performance. The Ultimate Upgrade For Savvy Pc Owners. Packed With Breaking News, Tips, Techniques And In-depth Reviews. Non-cd Version

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A Fingertip Away

Where other PC magazines focus on its potential as a gaming machine or devote themselves exclusively to the technical nitty gritty of the hardware and its potential in businesses of various kinds, Maximum PC steps up to deliver the maximum on both sides, giving you the chance to harness everything these versatile machines can do to the very best effect.

Whatever your interest, and the focus of your family - or business - becoming one of the many who have Maximum PC among their discount magazine subscriptions is a wise move, and guaranteed to improve your day-to-day computer experience. Here's why.

Hardware and Software

Whether you want to dual screen, to print photographs at professional quality, render complex 3D scenes, compose and synthesize music, edit digital video, or just look up recipes and print off flyers for your school's bake sale, the hardware you do it on and the software you do it with can make a spectacular difference. At the same time, nobody wants to overspend and buy an expensive machine the upper limits of which will never be put to the test.

A middle ground has to be found, and the best way to do that is impartial, professional advice. Sometimes the very best way to get that is through a collection of expert reviews evaluating as many options as possible, from which you can browse and select the best option for you. Naturally, they won't all be in a single issue of Maximum PC, but as with any major periodical, even a small collection of issues gives you a wealth of knowledge to call upon, and it's easy to acquire for a subscriber.


With services like Steam, Good Old Games, uPlay, and Origin, the gaming market for the PC has never looked brighter - or been bigger. Every nuance between This War of Mine and Just Cause 3 is served by one game or another and they'll lead you to run the gamut of options. With Maximum PC among your discount magazine subscriptions you and your household will always be sure which new releases suit your interests and you'll never be wrongfooted.