Old House Journal

This Magazine Is For People Interested In Restoring And Preserving Older Homes. It Provides Practical, Step-by-step Articles For The Professional Renovator And Serious Homeowners, As Well As Lifestyle Features About Living In Older Homes, And Reviews Of A

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Love the House You're In

Whether you're a renovator by trade or just a homeowner with an interest in bringing out and enriching the history of your building. This Old House magazine is essential reading. The articles, ideas, inspirational suggestions, and practical tips are all going to be of interest to the curious novice and seasoned professional alike. Reviews of useful books and of new products that may be of aid will all contribute to the development of skills and knowledge needed to really get to grips with house renovation, making it easy to understand why so many discount magazine subscriptions are taken out every year.

Products for Restoring Tradition

To anyone doing home improvement the tools and supplies used are of great importance, but when you attempt to roll back the years and make your house look as it did years ago, decades ago, or even more than a century into the past, their importance becomes paramount.

Between questions of what tools old materials can be worked with successfully versus the tools that will damage the materials on too great a scale, and of what tools will produce simply too modern a look by virtue of how they function, there are a great many thins to keep in mind, and you need a good review to make sure you pick the right gear.

Preservation How-To

Every issue of This Old House goes into detail on the tips and techniques needed to handle one project or another, recreating one kind of classic look or another. As your collection of issues grows, this builds into a library of techniques that will stand you in good stead as you work to bring out the historical beauty of your own house or the house on which you're paid to work. You can't afford to miss the chance of adding any given new tutorial to your collection, so the best thing you can do is investigate discount magazine subscriptions to save you money as you learn this fascinating skill set.