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The Brain of a Gamer

Aging laptop? Windows tablet? State-of-the-art Steam box? Or just a dependable desktop PC? Whatever your system looks like, nowadays it's a safe bet that you or someone else who uses it spends some of their time gaming, with subtle, intricate puzzlers like Hexcells or the astonishing action of The Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt.

But figuring out which game is right for you is still best done the traditional way, through a magazine like PC Gamer, and the best way to do that is by being one of many who take advantage of discount magazine subscriptions.


Especially at E3 time but all year round, gamers are keen to follow the latest developments. Company mergers and acquisitions, superstar developers switching company, and beloved old games getting HD reinventions or being sold to new companies for sequels are to be watched at all times, and as much as you might try and keep up with them online, you're going to miss plenty of them.

It takes a professional to keep up with these things - so let a professional do it for you. A subscription to PC Gamer will get all the detain you need delivered to you monthly.


It's not enough to simply know what's on the horizon, though; what you really need is the lowdown on the new releases. Which are worth their price? Which are nothing but expensive duds? And which of the good ones suit your gaming tastes? When your discount magazine subscriptions arrive each month, you'll be able to catch up and balance your entertainment budget in no time.

Best Of...

But to know whether your tastes align with the reviewers, you need to get to know them. And the fastest way to do that is to read their opinions on a wide range of topics, which this unique section of the magazine makes easy. Broad discussion on all manner of gamer questions and concerns gives you all the information you need. It's really this part of the magazine that gets named most often when people discuss the best parts of their discount magazine subscriptions.