Ballet At Its Best, Exclusively For The Ballet Dancer.
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When in Doubt, Dance it out!

The world of ballet is one that so many of us think about entering at some point in our lives, and one that comes up with astonishing regularity when people are polled about what they consider the biggest missed opportunity or regret of passing from childhood to adulthood. Pointe Magazine gives you the chance to return to that world, either by keeping up with happenings within or using it to fuel your own - or your children's - dreams.

It's no wonder that the number of discount magazine subscriptions taken out for Pointe just keeps growing. And after all - don't you want to join that number?


The world of the professional prima ballerina has always been shrouded in mystery and romance to the point that the greatest become almost legendary, to the point that Hollywood has had a long love affair with them - and Pointe magazine invites you in, deep beyond that barrier, to discover what it's truly like, to learn their training regimen, the secrets to choreographing a ballet, and even tips for a young ballerina on what programs to seek out and how to get some attention from the ballet world, to take those first few elusive steps down the road to dancing professional ballet.

Training and Auditions

But more than that, you'll pick up tips from the magazine itself, ways to strengthen the most important muscles, preparations to reduce the wear and tear of this glamorous but demanding form of dance. The ballet dancer in your family can be training already, even before they have the chance to enter one of the famous programs. Even the diet of a ballerina is laid out for you, giving you all the tools you need to prepare for and ace your audition once you secure it.

There are many magazines you might choose to add to your list of discount magazine subscriptions, but Pointe is one of those rare few with something extra. Pointe isn't just a magazine, it's a doorway to the dream that so often falls by the wayside - and how can you refuse the young ballet dancer in your family that opportunity?