Popular Woodworking

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Popular Woodworking magazine provides comprehensive coverage of projects, techniques, tools and events. This magazine is perfect for novice and experienced woodworkers alike. Anyone who wants to learn more about woodworking will appreciate a subscription to Popular Woodworking.

Each issue features step-by-step instructions, detailed technical articles and color photos. Popular Woodworking teaches readers how to construct a host of projects, from tables and chairs to shelves and storage items. The magazine also shows readers how to select the right tools, from chisels and hand-planes to saws and power tools. In addition, Popular Woodworking provides easy-to-follow tutorials for shaping, sawing, finishing and more. Whether you want to learn about the best hand tool techniques or the safest table saw tips.

Packed with practical, hands-on advice and helpful hints, Popular Woodworking magazine is the go-to guide for anyone who wants to learn more about woodworking. Anyone who wants to hone and refine his or her woodworking skills will look forward to each new issue.