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Pure Latitude: Enjoying the Best of Two Worlds

If you enjoy sailing, boating or other water sports, then Sail magazine has a lot of information, articles and high quality pictures to offer you. Each interesting issue contains information about topics on sailing and boating. Read and learn about cruises, boat trips, sailing adventures, book a charter, boat gear and boating apparel. Discount subscriptions to Sail magazine are available for online ordering and you will get speedy delivery of every issue.

Cruise and Race

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Boats and Gear

Sail magazine contains information about different types of boats you may be interested in investing. You can read informative articles about improving, designing or repairing your boat. Enjoy reading about and viewing high quality pictures about the best boats being sold on the market.


Sail magazine also provides information on sailing and boating charters. You will have access to a charter directory or find information to help you choose your boating destination or boating adventure. Plan a trip with friends and family. Find out how to save both time and money on boating trips. Plan charter with this helpful and informative magazine. Get ready for summer boating trips, sailing and more.

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