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Under the Sea!

The beauty and wonders of the ocean are best experienced from within. Scuba Diving magazine offers waves of articles, information, and resources for advanced scuba divers, novices, or anyone interested in an in-depth encounter with marine life. Topics specifically targeted at scuba related travel expeditions and hotspots, equipment and technology, as well as diving certifications and training are continually addressed. Whatever the level of expertise, Scuba Diving magazine, one of many discount magazine subscriptions, is the top choice of scuba diving enthusiasts around the world.

Destinations Near and Far

Each issue includes articles, reviews, and listings of scuba diving destinations, trends, and events. Domestic or abroad, in your hometown or across the globe, Scuba Diving magazine reveals the best-rated private or group excursions. Whether searching for tried and true locations, trending hotspots or little-known depths of paradise, travel guidance, tips, and reports are readily available in this exciting publication.

Equipment and Technology

Every scuba diver has his or her own style. Simplistic divers using nothing more than the bare necessities, technologically advanced scuba divers with dive computers and undersea video equipment, and everyone swimming in between can appreciate the product descriptions and comparisons found in every issue. Scuba Diving magazine researches the newest diving technology and reviews both new and traditional brands, equipment, and technology for easy reference and confident purchasing.

Certification and Educational Resources

Training and preparation are key aspects in safe scuba diving encounters. In addition to proper training, the safe handling of equipment is also a concern. Scuba Diving magazine is an all-inclusive resource for reputable refresher courses, basic or advanced diving certifications, as well as diver medic and diving instructor programs. Relevant "It Could Happen to You" type articles and expert solutions to common problems prepare readers to safely overcome unsafe situations or conditions.


Top-rated, popular discount magazine subscriptions such as Scuba Diver magazine are excellent gift choices for the scuba diving enthusiasts in all of us. Sign up and dive in!