In- Depth Articles On Accomplished Craftsmen, Written For All Levels Of Woodworkers.

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Versatile, Adaptable, and Green

If you are looking for a leading authority on all things to do with woodwork, discount magazine subscriptions to Woodworker's Journal magazine is a great choice. Full of articles to help you improve your skills, sample plans, reviews of tools and suggestions for supplies, you will get great value out of this magazine whether you are a novice or an experienced woodworker.

How To Guides

You will enjoy reading handy hints and useful advice in every issue of Woodworker's Journal magazine. Follow the easy how-to guides to assist in all aspects of woodwork. Whether you want to find out more about project design, or would like tips about the best ways to mill, drill, cut, fasten and join, you will find it all in this magazine's pages. You will learn about the best way to make discrete repairs and you will get a regular insight into tricks of the trade. In every edition, you can be sure that you will learn new skills and find ways to make your woodworking projects even easier. 

Free Plans

Enjoy finding new plans in every edition of Woodworker's Journal magazine which will inspire you and challenge you to begin new projects. You can be sure that you'll never have time to be bored when you take out discount subscriptions to Woodworker's Journal magazine. There is so much to read and enjoy in every issue and you will always have new projects to keep you busy. 

Product Reviews

If you are thinking of making new woodworking purchases, you should read the review section of Woodworker's Journal magazine first. Every edition has a tools and supplies section while reveals the best products to help you get the most out of your hobby and reviews a vast range of equipment from saws to tool bags. And if that wasn't enough, you can also find interesting industry interviews in every issue. 

If you love woodworking, you're sure to love Woodworker's Journal magazine, so order your subscription today!