Tips And Tricks, Advice From Woodworking Experts And Great Ideas For Your Shop.

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A Piece of Wood with Unlimited Imagination

Woodcraft magazine is as direct and to the point as it name implies. Anybody with any level of interest in wood working can benefit from the tips,techniques and recommendations delivered to your door with every issue. Writers steeped in the tradition of woodworking offer expert advice, suggest projects and provide myriad means of improving your skills. If your hobby leaves you bathed in the woody cologne of cedar shavings, then you owe it to yourself to order your Woodcraft magazine subscription today!

Improve Your Skills

That subscription to Woodcraft magazine comes with an unwritten guarantee that you will have learned at least one new thing about working with wood by the time you close the back cover.That guarantee applies whether you started learning how to use chisels as a kid or whether you don't know the difference between lath and lathe. The skills that can be acquired merely by browsing the latest edition of Woodcraftare enough to raisethe level of your prowess on any woodworking tool.

Patterns and Projects

Even if you are already quite comfortable referring to yourselfas a skilled woodcrafting artisan, you can still benefit substantially from a subscription toWoodcraft.Even the most talented of craftsmen can sometimes start running a little dry on ideas and that's where Woodcraft magazinemore than makes up for its cost. Each issue is packed with unique patterns andsuggestions for projects that can both challenge andinspire woodworkers of every skill level.


Your fellow woodworking enthusiasts are encouraged to send in their own tips,ideas and even photos of completed projects.You may start out by improving your own abilities with the help of like-minded subscribers and then one day find yourself comfortable enough withthe improvement in your skills to help out someone in future. Or you may just use your subscription to Woodcraft to keep theadvice piling up higher and higher as yourwoodcraft abilities grow bigger and better.

Order your discount subscription toWoodcraftmagazine today to start on your new project!