Ireland Of The Welcome

Showcases The Best Of Ireland's History,scenery, Culture, Traditions And Lifestyles.

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Discovering Ireland

Ireland is a country steeped in history and culture and holds an allure to native and Irish descendants alike. Even if you just have an interest in all things Irish, Ireland of the Welcomes is packed with fascinating articles on Irish history, folklore, culture, regions and much more! All who love this beautiful Celtic country will want to order their subscription today.


Each issue comes with an historical section dealing with some fascinating aspects of Irish history. As you read through Ireland of the Welcomes you'll love learning about the lives of Irish people in days gone by and gain new insights into the country's historical events. Each issue will furnish you with new knowledge into why Ireland unfailingly manages to capture the hearts of so many people. A definite must for all fans of the Emerald Isle!


This much loved country has given birth to some fascinating folklore such as its very own version of Dracula and a host of other less well known tales that you'll simply love reading about. In considering the folklore of Ireland, Ireland of the Welcomes magazine will put you in a much better position to understand the country's culture and history.


Ireland's culture is a rich and varied field of fascination, and Ireland of the Welcomes helps its readers to get a broader understanding of it. Whether you have roots in Ireland, have visited and are now smitten by its Celtic allure, or just want to go one day, this magazine will give you a real understanding into what has shaped the culture of Ireland over its long and sometimes turbulent history. Complete with articles, features and beautiful photographs, Ireland of the Welcomes will leave you with no doubt as to why this soulful and beloved country has such a timeless allure to so many people.

Be sure to order your discounted subscription of Ireland of the Welcomes today!