The English Home

Elegant Living In Traditional/english Style.

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English Interiors

If you have a love of English styles and interior design, you need discount magazine subscriptions to English Home magazine. It is the perfect publication in which to find ideas for beautiful decor and home design both inside and outside your property. Get creative inspiration in every issue and bring beautiful English themed decoration to your own home when you read English Home magazine today!

Beautiful Decor

Enjoy creative and beautiful home decoration ideas when you subscribe to English Home magazine. This publication gives you all the information and guidance you need to improve your home and get the stunning British look you're dreaming of. Find suggestions for flooring, wall coverings and other great ideas for the whole of your home. From bamboo inspirations to damask designs, you will love renovating your home to suit your unique English tastes. 

Inspiring Designers

Not only is English Homes magazine full of inspirational style ideas, it is also packed with informative articles that give you an insight into the lives of famous actors, fashionistas, socialites and sports personalities who have decorated their homes in the British style. You can learn about what inspires the best interior designers and find out about people who take care of some of the UK's most historical properties. You will enjoy all the features of this great publication that will help you to develop new and creative decor ideas for your own home. 

Useful Buyer's Guide

In every issue of English Homes magazine you can find a handy buyer's guide which will assist you in making great purchases for your home. Whichever room you are hoping to redecorate, you will find useful information about different types of storage solutions, windows and furniture that will help you to make the most of your home.

Get the English look for your home when you take out discount magazine subscriptions to English Homes magazine today!