Diabetes Self Management

Gives You The Information You Need To Take Charge Of Your Diabetes & Live A Happier, Healthier Life. Articles Focus On Exercise & Fitness, Nutrition & Diet, And The Techniques, Products & Strategies That Help You Take Control.

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Managing Diabetes

Established in 1983 the Diabetes Self Management magazine is an informative, relevant up to date collection of articles aimed at the growing number of people within our community suffering from this all too common condition. For all of us who which to be in more control of our lives, Diabetes Self Management magazine offers practical information on topics ranging from exercise, self help, medications, the latest in medical advancements, nutrition and a range of other articles bound to help you to get the most out of your life.

Disease management plays a key role in the day to day decisions and problems that may be faced by the diabetes sufferer. Diabetes Self Management magazine helps to ease the burden of this strain, providing well researched, highly informative and relevant topics to the everyday person. Featuring a load of tasty and informative topics on nutrition, supermarket finds and recipe makeovers, you will find it deliciously simple to implement some of these health improving ideas into your everyday life.

Keeping up to date with the latest and breaking information on current medical advances, self help techniques and medications can be crucial to your quality of life. Diabetes Self Help magazine makes this easy with their team of highly professional writers, ensuring the most up to date, accurate and relevant information fills the pages of this magazine.

For those of us are that are either getting a diabetes diagnosis personally or know someone who is, the Diabetes Self management magazine is surely to be a wealth of personal health knowledge. With scientific research showing a growing population of diabetes sufferers, the Diabetes Self Management magazine is sure to be of relevance to you or someone close to you. Maximize your health with the knowledge to take charge of your own destiny. The Diabetes Self Management magazine is sure to be a welcome addition in all our homes.