Pain-Free Living

Formerly Titled Arthritis Self-Management, Pain-Free Living Magazine gives You The Information You Need To Take Charge Of Your Arthritis & Live A Happier, Healthier Life. Articles Provide Up-to-date News, Facts & Advice To Help You Make Informed Decisions About Your Health.

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Arthritis Self-Management magazine, a favorite of our active senior readership for over 15 years, has refreshed and rejuvenated their brand by becoming Pain-Free Living!  The timely and extensive coverage of arthritis pain management is still extremely well covered in this magazine.  As the name would suggest, Pain Free Living expands the conversation to include highly sought after features and resources on the broader topic of coping with and managing chronic pain.   Pain Free Living is about getting to live your life to the fullest.

Pain-Free Living at Any Age

Millions of Americans are looking for relief from pain that arises from a variety of chronic conditions that are not necessarily related to aging.  Fibromyalgia, migraines, low back and neck pain and neuropathy are all conditions that affect our thirty to forty something population.  Getting relief from chronic pain, achieving mobility, enjoying an active lifestyle, accepting invitations to picnics in the park and dancing the night away with your partner:  these have always been the goals of the arthritis community. Today, a much wider population can benefit from learning about lifestyle changes, medical and nutritional advances, medications, and research that is now a part of the pain management conversation for all ages.