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When Body and Mind Align...

Yoga Journal is a magazine that is all about improving your fitness and health through the use of yoga. You'll find in each issue, interesting and useful information about the basics of yoga for beginners, intermediate and advanced tips to help you build your skill and knowledge, poses, positions, breathing techniques, insight into people, living life and meditation techniques. You'll thoroughly enjoy each issue of this valuable publication and look forward to the arrival of the next because of how effective the tips are for helping you on your life's journey towards health and well-being.

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Yoga Course and Poses

Instruction in the basics of yoga and more. This magazine is helpful for those who have experience in yoga, and for those who are just beginning. You'll learn about the principles of yoga if you don't know about them already. For seasoned practitioners, you'll not only get a refresher on some aspects that you may have forgotten, but you'll also learn new techniques, poses and perspectives on the art and practice of yoga as you improve your health and well being. You will find a variety of detailed and inspiring information packed into each issue, that will help you as you begin to practice and perfect new moves.

Beginning through Advanced Meditation Techniques

You'll be thrilled with the many articles that you'll read about meditation in all of it's beneficial aspects. Learn the principles of basic meditation and branch out into more advanced techniques to help you relieve all of your stress and find a peaceful inner calmness for improved health in body, mind and spirit. Learn how to incorporate yoga and meditation into your daily life to improve your mental focus, concentration and energy levels.

Contemplate Life

Your subscription of Yoga Journal will provide you with wonderful insights into life itself. You'll discover how you can use yoga poses and meditation to improve all aspects of your life so you can think clearly, improve your perspective on life, enhance your health and well being for a holistic approach to wellness and finding true satisfaction in your life. 

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