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Dedicated To Off-road Motorcyclists, Emphasizing Recreational/competitive Cycling + Maintenance And Riding Tips. New Machines And Technical Articles.
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Motorcycle racing enthusiasts will thoroughly enjoy Dirt Bike magazine because of its complete coverage of the racing world of motorcycles. Each new issue brings you the latest racing news, tips and techniques to help make you a better racer, the latest in bikes and accessories as well as tutorials to increase your skills and great information about bike maintenance done the right way. 

Order your discount subscription to Dirt Bike magazine today so you can keep up on what's happening in racing news, who made the podium and much more that will help you become a better rider.

The latest news

There's a lot going on in the racing world today. New faces are appearing on the scene as well as beloved veterans who are still making podium and working their way to the top. Find out who is sponsoring whom, the great products that are being promoted, new motorcycle models and gear coming out, and new events scheduled in your area. Dirt Bike magazine will keep you informed about everything that's happening.

New motorcycles and gear

Learn about the bikes and gear that are currently on the market. You'll also read interesting facts about why some racers prefer one bike or product over another and how they help them to perform better when racing. Discover tips and tricks that can help you to become a better rider and competitor. Whether bike racing is a hobby or your profession, you'll appreciate and enjoy each issue of Dirt Bike magazine, and look forward to the next issue.

Great tutorials

Dirt Bike magazine features fantastic tutorials that will show you how to keep your bike and gear in the best possible condition. They'll also show you how to become a better racer and rider with great tips and visuals to show you just how it's done. Each issue covers important topics like hardware, bike mechanics, riding techniques and much more.

Order your discount subscription of Dirt Bike magazine today and discover how you can be a better all around rider and take the enjoyment of your hobby to greater heights.