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With the goal of providing you with information about various types of birds and animals; the National Wildlife Federation publishes National Wildlife magazine. With a wide range of educational features, you will enjoy reading it. In addition, you will find articles about encouraging animals and birds to come into your garden, facts about many types of creature and providing food for animals during winter scarcity among many other amazing topics. Each issue has photo contests that you will enjoy viewing and competing in.

Wildlife Gardening

You will enjoy reading all the articles in this publication, if you love watching wild animals gather in your garden. You can get many creative and easy ideas in each issue of National Wildlife magazine, that will help you draw near your home woodland creatures. These methods will not only be beneficial to you but also the animals during winter, when there is food scarcity.


You will find many fascinating articles in National Wildlife magazine, in the section about animals. You will also be able to learn about animal species and behavior near you home and around the world. Consequently there is more information about animal puzzlers, beautiful photos and articles about those who support conservation efforts. This periodical will help you learn and enjoy reading about the animal kingdom.


You will be able to learn about several bird species in addition to learning about different types of mammals. Great articles about birds in distant countries; and near your home are accessible in National Wildlife magazine. There is also many other insightful topics which include but not limited to vanishing species, the plants that your neighborhood birds eat and conservation efforts. Apart from getting unlimited entertainment from these educational articles, you will correspondingly be able to share useful information.

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