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When you get to the point where the swell of waves beneath your feet begins to feel more natural than planting your shoes on solid ground, there is really one magazine that is essential to the enjoyment of your lifestyle. Power & Motor yacht is more than just another periodical for those unable to resist the siren's call to the sea, it is the modern mariner's survival guide. From the big question of choosing which vessel is perfect for your needs to the picayune quintessence of removing barnacles,Power & Motoryacht has attained its status precisely because the magazine is devoted to genuine democratic appreciation of every manner of activity that can be enjoyed aboard motorized watercraft.Order Power & Motoryacht and see for yourself!

Yachts and Mega-Yachts

When the latest edition of Power & Motoryacht magazine arrives at your doorstep, a quick flip through the pages will instantly reveal it for the treasure trove it is. How can you know which style yacht will meet all your plans for seafaring excitement if you are not first educated through well-written and informed prose about the intricacies of vessel engineering. Before you make the final buying decision, however, you may first want to closely peruse the results of design testing or make a comparison to yachts not scheduled to hit the market just yet. Power & Motoryacht is also a rich and robust source of information on topics from owning a boat to chartering a mega-yacht.

Electronics, Gear, and Maintenance

Power & Motoryacht does not ignore the ultimate in geek chic. Ownership of yachts and powercraft in the 21st century combines the romanticism of the great sailing ships of the past with the latest breakthroughs in technological gadgetry. The average yacht these days is equipped more blinking lights, buttons and switches than spacecraft that put men on the moon. The go-to source of information for the most recent innovation in electronic navigation, security and monitoring as well as locating the position of fish and the boat itself--not to mention streaming music and movies to your flat-screen TV in the middle of the ocean--remains Power & Motoryacht.

Sport Fishing and Voyaging

The pleasures of owning yacht run the gamut from simply idling the day away far from the office to the far more complex delights of locating and landing your first blue marlin. Everything that falls in between those yachting extremes is covered at one point or another between the glossy front and back covers ofPower & Motoryacht.Whether your aim is to discover the next great unknown fishing rodeo, be the first in your club to try out game-changing gadgets for tracking down the most elusive of catches or just improve your game by reading big fish stories that are not just entertaining but also true, the weapon of knowledge remains the same: a long-established and deeply respected magazine that has been delivering the facts with style since 1985.

What could be better than receiving a subscription toPower & Motoryacht?Enjoying a discount on that subscription, of course, so don't wait and order now.