Runners World

Informs, Educates And Inspires Runners Of All Ages/abilities, Promoting The Sport As A Healthy/exciting Recreational Activity.

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Runner's Inspiration

When serious runners want to stay up-to-date on what’s happening in the world of training and good health for improving their fitness level, they naturally turn to Runner’s World magazine. It’s the leading magazine for runners and health enthusiasts in general, and delivers nutrition tips, reviews of the latest running gear and training regimens in detail in each and every issue.

Better Nutrition and Improved Health

At Runner’s World, they are well aware of just how crucial marinating good health is for devoted runners. That’s why every issue has a nutrition and health section. When you turn to that section, you’ll not only get the latest info about good eating, but also about what to eat for maintaining high energy levels during your run and what to eat for recuperating later. And, for the prevention of running-related injuries, as well as treatment if they do occur, Runner’s World has all of that info, too.Other issues covered in this section include important subjects like dealing with pain and staying hydrated, all designed and written to help runners to feel better before, during and after every run.

Running Gear

The right running shoes are a significant factor in running and Runner’s World keeps you up-to-date on the latest offerings on the market in every issue. It doesn’t matter which type you love, from barefoot running shoes, minimalist shoes, to extra-arch-supporting shoes, you’ll find plenty of useful information to help you make the right choice for your next pair of running shoes. And, when it comes to all of the other running gear you’re interested in, you’ll find recommendations and reviews to help you when choosing everything that can make your run better, like shirts, shorts, and even great headphones.

Race Preparation and Training

Runner’s World is the very best publication for all runners, from newbies to veteran runners and everything in-between. For better preparation for every run along with training regimens and specific tips for training that involves different geography and weather than you might be used to, you’ll get it all in each issue of Runner’s World. And, you’ll also get some easy-to-follow instructions for increasing your agility and speed.

So, for all the tips and hints you need to be a better runner, include Runner's World in your choice ofdiscount magazine subscriptions today. You'll enjoy great pricing and the best in magazines for a better life.