Southern Boating

For Boat Owners Who Cruise And Sail The Waters In The Southeastern Us, Bahamas And Caribbean.

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Southern Boating magazine can tell you everything you need to know about boat ownership in the Southern states. Learn all about purchasing a boat and enjoy perusing a huge range of articles on a wide choice of subjects. Find out more about different types of boat, discover exciting places to travel and learn about different engines, their sizes and capabilities. You can even read reviews of the best gear to equip your boat. Order discount magazine subscriptions to Southern Boating magazine and get the most out of your hobby!

Engines And Boats

In every edition, you will love finding out about a wide selection of boats in all sizes and brands. You can read features about the Boat Show Dream Boats, and discover which are the best and most powerful engines. If you already own a boat, you can learn about electronic equipment and different projects to carry out for improvements. If you are in the market to purchase a new boat, you can find out about different styles of boat and decide which one suits you. 

Gear Reviews

As well as learning about different types of boat, you will find helpful reviews of gear and equipment. Find out the best purchases for yourself, your family members, your boat itself, and even your seafaring pets! Every issue is packed full of helpful information to assist you in making the right choices to make the most of your next trip. 

Places To Visit

After reading Southern Boating magazine's fascinating articles, product reviews and handy hints, you can enjoy features that help you to plan more exciting trips. Discover different places that you can visit and explore thrilling destinations such as Florida, the Caribbean, the Southern Atlantic and even the Bahamas. With a subscription to Southern Boating magazine, you will feel fully equipped to embark on your next sea adventure. 

Cruise away with a subscription to Southern Boating magazine!