Each Issue Inspires, Educates And Motivates Triathletes Of All Levels To Achieve Their Athletic Goals And To Obtain A Healthier, Richer Lifestyle. Edited For Adult Athletes Who Swim, Bike, Run And Cross-train For Fitness.

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Whether you're just starting out with Triathlete training or have years of experience already behind you, Triathlete magazine is a must-read for anyone interested in this superb sport. Triathlete is packed with information - technique training, fitness and nutritional advice, race listings, training routes and diaries - list goes on and on! There's a lot to learn and keep up to date with when performing triathlete training, so take another step forward and consider taking out a discount magazine subscription to Triathlete today.

Training & Nutritional Advice

Just like the event itself, with Triathlete you are really getting three sports magazines in one, as each edition is split into three trainingsections focusing upon running, swimming and biking. These are brought together by being alongside plenty of articles aimed at the overall event, ranging from training, nutrition and preparation to event tactics an techniques. As one of the most demanding (and beneficial!) sports out there the magazine also devotes space to lifestyle articles assigned to issues such as weight loss, recipes and meal preparation to ensure that your body is fully fit and fuelled. There's a wealth of advice within each edition of Triathlete magazine and you can be sure to see performance and fitness improve very soon after these experts have given you the best brief out there.

Gear & Equipment/Technology

Buying guides, reviews, technical advice and assessment are all contained within every edition of this magazine, all geared firmly with the event in mind. Gear advice is written with people of varying standards and budget in mind, so for example if biking isn't your key event or if your working ona budget, Triathlete will offer a range of options where you're bound to find a suitable bike. All technical advice is written in an accessible, friendly and jargon-free tone.


There's always plenty going on in the world of the Triathlon so be sure to keep up to datewith the comprehensive news sections every month. Be it listing for events, application deadlines, ironman or events solely forwomen Triathlete will keep you posted fromlocal news all the way up to the Olympic Games!

Get in shape today with a discount subscription to Triathlete magazine!