Young Rider

Dedicated To Kids Who Love Horses. Features Breed Profiles, Full Color Posters And More.

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Young Rider magazine is the only equestrian publication for teenagers and tweens. Young Rider magazine is perfect for any child or teen interested in horses. The magazine contains articles about horses, racing, professional jockeys, and more in each issue. A subscription can not only be something your child finds interesting, but can also help them improve their knowledge of horses and their abilities if they are interested in being an equestrian.


Competition Tips and Advice


The articles found in Young Rider magazine can do wonders to help your child improve their horse riding skills. Every issue contains new information and advice about competitions and horsemanship, whether it be western pleasure tips of practice trail class moves. Young Rider has everything for young equestrians. Children and teenagers will love learning and improving on something they love so much.


Horse Care


Children will also find material about how to effectively care for horses within Young Rider magazine. The magazine contains detailed information about grooming and caring for horses. Children can learn how to manage and maintain the health and wellbeing of a horse, no matter their previous level of knowledge or their level of involvement in horse riding.


Facts, Photos, and Features


The content in Young Rider magazine is highly interesting and contains all of the educational aspects mentioned above. Children will be enthralled with every issue of the magazine. Young Rider contains facts, articles, and real stories. The subjects range from life as a professional jockey to stories about the lives and accomplishments of real horses. Young Rider magazine is highly educational and appealing to anyone who has an interest in the subject of equestrianism. Any child that loves horses will love Young Rider magazine.


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