Fido Friendly

The Travel Magazine For You And Your Dog, Full Of Travel Destinations The Welcomes Fido, As Well As Fun And Informative Articles.

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Pets are Part of the O'hana

Some pet owners suffer extreme separation anxiety, dreading to leave their pets even when they have to go to work or do some errands. For such people, planning a vacation for a week or more without their dog is a sheer agony. While we're not suggesting that you're one of those over-the-top pet owners, you may feel that holidays are more fun if you can take your furry friend with you. The folks at Fido Friendly agree and have dedicated a whole magazine to helping you to plan and enjoy a dog-friendly holiday. A discount magazine subscription for Fido Friendly is your ticket to a great pet-friendly vacation.

With listings of pet-friendly accommodations, restaurants, stores, dog parks, groomers, kennels and vets, it's everything a dog owner needs to plan a perfect vacation. A subscription to Fido Friendly gives you travel tips you can use right now, features, product reviews, and a whole lot more. There's even a section for lost and rescued pets needing new homes.

Magazine sections include: Travel Trends, Blog At Home, Health and Wellness, Product Reviews, Rescue Video

The travel section also has details on special offers and discounts, maps and a wealth of information on choosing a pet-friendly destination. For outdoor enthusiasts, there is if or action about hikes, camping, kayaking and biking trips you can take with your dog. There are also listings of Fido-friendly apartments and local pet sitters, for thone moving to a new home.

A discount magazine subscription to Fido Friendly can make a substantial difference in your life. Even if you're not the far-traveling Christopher Columbus type, discovering pet-friendly establishments in your neighborhood can help you look after your pet better. The magazine's motto is "No dog left behind" and a subscription to Fido Friendly will ensure that at least your pet will not be left behind next time you go on vacation.