Green Arrow

Witness The Power Of The Brightest Day As Death Comes To Green Arrow's Forest.

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Where Angels Fear to Tread!

Meet Oliver Queen, the most enigmatic comic book superhero. Born into extreme wealth and privilege, he once knew nothing but a life of luxury and pleasure, caring little for those around him. As the tide changed, betrayal shocked the very essence of Oliver Queen, causing him to re-think his very existence. Betrayed by someone closest to him, he is left to die on a far-away island. The civilization he once knew is a mere distant memory, and he must summon the capacity for survival on an island of misfits.

Reaching deep within himself and finding personal transformation to be the key to his new existence, Oliver Queen becomes the most stellar archer and renews his purpose to fight for those who are exploited. He, in turn, becomes the Green Arrow as he fights the good fight of justice with loyalty and integrity. With evil knocking at every door, the adventures of Green Arrow are always enticing and new.

Green Arrow's attempts to pursue justice increase as he uses his bow and arrow, martial arts and intelligence to fend off corruption and violence. As he travels back to his home, his skills and drive only strengthen and his resolve to be a force for good against his corrupt homeland is regenerated. Green Arrow detests the evils that he finds, as the evils are masterful and cunning as well.

Green Arrow must kick his skills into overdrive in order to conquer this all-encompassing corruption. Smoke, kicks, thrills, tricks and more await you on this superhero’s epic journey. Watch as he utilizes new skills and epic mastery to bring help to those around him. One never knows what Green Arrow will do next to ensure peace and the pursuit of equality in his city.

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