Green Lantern Corps

From The Guardian's Citadel On The Newly Fortified Planet Oa, Green Lantern Guy Gardner Is Assigned- Against His Will- To A Feudal World Of Shadows And Sudden Death.

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Protect the Space; Be a Hero

Green Lantern Corps comic series furnishes you with more accounts involving the residents of Planet Maltus subsequent to their amazing evolution into powerful heroes. With every issue, you can immerse yourself in the most recent adventures of your beloved immortals as they declare war against universal evils!  You'll be delighted to read each comic issue and eagerly anticipate the following installment. To take advantage of your discount magazine subscription to Green Lantern Corps comic book series, order today!

Roots of Green Lantern Corps & The Evolution of the Guardians of the Universe

In every new issue of your awesome Green Lantern Corps subscription, you'll gain more pieces to put together the puzzle about the origins and the evolution of the Guardians of the Universe! You'll be absorbed in discovering how they came to call Planet Oa their home and learn the answers to the all important question of why and how the Green Lantern Corps decided to fight evil in all its nasty guises. Experience a lesson in the Corps' sub-groups, such as the Zamarons and the Controllers. There's so many cool adventures for you to enjoy reading in this comic book, leaving you impatiently waiting for the arrival of each new issue in your mailbox!

Green Lantern Corps Members

You will become intimately acquainted with the many Guardians of the Universe members with your Green Lantern Corps subscription. In all, there are 117 Lanterns waiting for you to learn about them. The Green Lantern Comic Series never gets old, because every unique is consistently pulled into the series' engaging and diverse plot. From Aa to Zghithii, you'll learn about the stories of all the immortal heroes that comprise the Green Lantern Corps!

The Green Lantern Corps

As you enthusiastically flip through each new issue of Green Lantern Corps, you'll grow to adore the comic book series' unique plot and storyline, and you'll also love learning about the society's structure that the Guardians of the Universe have created. Every issue will bring you new evil fighting tools employed in the fight against evil, which includes the central power battery, the Book of Oa, and the ever iconic power ring. You'll enjoy the insight into their oaths and what values these oaths bring to the group as a whole.

Learn about a society of good guys fighting wrongdoers with your discounted comic subscription to Green Lantern Corps! If this sounds like a blast, follow the amazing adventures of your favorite Green Lanterns characters while saving some dough by subscribing to a discount magazine subscription of the Green Lantern Corps series today!