Green Lantern

Kyle Rayner, A Freelance New York City Artist, Now Weilds The Green Latern Power Ring.

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In Brightest Day

With your Green Lantern subscription, you will be taken into an intergalactic mission of justice, thrills, and excitement with the turn of every page. Meet Hal Jordan, an airplane pilot who was once racked with personal fears until he is challenged with mastering a powerful and magic ring. Your comic book discount subscription provides access to the most powerful weapon in the entire universe.

This is no ordinary ring, but a gift bestowed upon him by an elite member of the Green Lantern Corps. This unique responsibility unfolds the distinct task of fighting impending ruin by evildoers. Learn of Abin Sur, the alien who crashed and bestowed the ring upon Hal Jordan in order to fight such unmentionable crime. Using this ring to fight intergalactic corruption and to create physical barriers to both seen and unseen obstacles, your Green Lantern subscription is the gift to a mystery that never ends.

Reaching deep within himself at every step and finding the assistance of alien life and other superheroes in the Green Lantern Corps, justice has never looked so thrilling. Become one with the ring as you read of Hal Jordan’s commitment to fight for justice and freedom from the evils of the universe. As he encounters those who wish to take over the world, mastering himself and the ring become even more paramount.

Force fields, weaponry and advanced alien technology are just some of the exciting adventures that emerge for Hal Jordan and the members of the Green Lantern Corps. Read as he teams up with other superheroes to ensure the survival of the world. Delight in the missions as he fights crime with the Justice League and utilizes the infinite powers of the ring. Start enjoying your Green Lantern magazine subscription at this incredible discount to ensure that you don’t miss out on any of Green Lantern’s adventures! Romance, war and epic battles between good and evil await Hal Jordan and the Corps, so order your subscription today!