Instructor K - 8

Edited For Teachers, Curriculum Coordinators, Principals And Supervisors In Grades 4-8, Featuring A Custom-made Genre Study With Its Own Pullout Poster.

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Teacher's Help

Instructor Magazine is a valuable scholastic resource for teachers of all levels. Every issue is filled with useful and interesting articles about new teaching tools, ideas for teaching better, solving problems in the classroom, fun and instructional activities, and more. You’ll find incredible new ideas for lesson plans and class projects that both teach and entertain. Your students will be impressed, and so will their parents. Subscribe to Instructor Magazine today, for the key to a better, more enjoyable teaching experience. Discount magazine subscriptions are available!

Resources and Tools

In the Resources and Tools section of every issue you will learn about the latest tools and resources available to today’s educators. There are resources and tools for many different purposes, such as the core curriculum, reading clubs, daily starter ideas, and more. These resources will make your classroom life easier and more organized, leaving you free to focus on your students.

Strategies and Ideas

Being a teacher requires you to be creative on a daily basis. That can get to be pretty rough on those occasions when the creative well runs dry. A subscription to Instructor Magazine will give you more strategies and ideas than you will know what to do with. Your students will have more fun, and they will learn a lot too. The strategies and ideas are meant to help you develop yourself professionally as well, with features about Teacher-to-Teachers blogs and other career development tools.

Student Activities

Every issue provides you with new activities for your class to try. There are computer lab activities, interactive whiteboard activities, class books, and more. You will never run out of activity ideas for any subject as long as you have a subscription to Instructor Magazine.

Order your handy guide to easier and more effective teaching tools and techniques with a subscription to Scholastic’s Instructor Magazine today.