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Top Teen Celebrity

Teens readers can get all the latest news and gossip about their favorite teen celebrities in the pages of J-14 magazine. With a subscription to this publication you will never miss out on what's happening in the world of the celebs you enjoy watching. Each issue contains news, gossip and celebrity interviews to help you keep track of what is going on in the lives of the rich and famous you admire. Place your order today for your own subscription to J-14 magazine!


J-14 covers the lives of your favorite celebs. Through this publication you can keep track of all the intimate details of that latest boy band you love or the Disney star you cannot live without. Stars like Jennifer Lawrence, One Direction, Selena Gomex, Big Time Rush and many others you like hearing about are all discussed in this periodical. Thanks to the information found in it you will be able to keep up with your favorite stars so you too can talk with your friends about them.

The Scoop

Your J-14 subscription allows you to find out all the juicy celebrity gossip! Each issue is packed full of great articles that fill you in on current news concerning the stars you are in love with. You might be interested in today's newest pop hits or want to know who your favorite TV stars are dating. It makes no difference what information you are seeking; this publication is loaded with all of that. You will be the first to know when a band will be playing in your town, who broke up with who, who they are dating now and a whole lot more!

Fun With Every Issue

With your discount magazine subscriptions to J-14 magazine, each issue will provide you with exciting things to do once you have caught up on the latest celebrity gossip. You will love browsing through the fan fiction, taking quizzes and reading funny stories. You will find fun fan paraphernalia such as posters, ads for things you can buy and much more in every edition so that you too can represent the people and bands you love as well as your favorite programs. Articles about celebrity styles are also available so that you can imitate their look.

Get the scoop with your J-14 magazine subscription today!