Explores Modern Life Through Design. Features Articles On Architecture, Interior Design, Landscape Design, Graphic Design, Preservation And Urban Planning In Each Issue.

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Exploring Your Magical Index

If you’re looking for a modern lifestyle periodical, then you should check out the Metropolis magazine. This magazine contains plenty of different topics as it fits with your lifestyle. Among the different topics included are events, projects, different forms of design, architecture and products. A discount subscription to Metropolis magazine can help you live a modern lifestyle today.


This section carries many articles on the topic of lifestyle. Among the features, are education, the importance of nature to your health, and other topics which include history. Plenty of enjoyment comes from reading all of these different features in Metropolis magazine. This magazine is always full of interesting topics that have something new for you to learn and enjoy reading.

Design and Architecture

If there is another thing you can be sure to find in Metropolis magazine, it is tons of information on modern design and architecture. These features are perfect for you whether you want to put in some new designs in your home or just want to look at the images of modern design. Learn about how society is influenced by modern design and architecture with each issue that is released. Some of the features have information on the benefit of modern designs on poor countries and cultures. There are also features that deal with both domestic and international architecture and museums.

Events and Products

Metropolis magazine has information that will teach you about architecture, culture and design. It also has information that shows you how to apply what you learn into your home. For instance, with the information and products that you learn about, you will be better able to give your office a more modern revamp. You will also learn about which products are better for your home. There are plenty of other articles that will help you actualize your modern lifestyle. You can only do a favor for your home and lifestyle with this magazine.

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